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(VG) vegan (V) vegetarian (GF) gluten free (GFO) gluten free on request


Choose 3 in any combination

Bites - Select 3

Crispy Panisse $2
(vg, gf) pickled veggies, spicy "aioli"

Stuffed Smoked Tomato $3
(vg, gf) vegan meatball, caramelized onion, bleu "cheese," toast point

Chicken Montadio $3
(gfo) bacon jam, smoked tomato, plum-ginger glazed chicken, toast point, deviled quail egg

Seared Scallop $5.00
(gf) plum-ginger glazed pork belly, smoked tomato, crispy onion, chive

Steak and Potato $6.00
bacon jam, smoked tomato, tomato relish, deviled quail egg, crispy onion

Tomato and Pepper Soup $6.00
(vg) (gf) wild rice, mushroom fricassee


Arugula with Tomato and Potato$8.00

(vg, gf) brussles sprouts, crispy onion, apple vinaigrette

(add chicken $4, add shrimp $6, add steak $8)

Roasted Garlic Hummus$8.00

(vg, gfo) pickled vegetables, crispy chickpea, house pita

Tofu Scramble$10.00

(vg, gfo) spicy quinoa with tomato, mushroom fricassee, caramelized onion, crispy chickpea, house pita


(gf) duck fat fries, confit pork belly, truffled beef gravy, cheddar cheese curd, pickled veggies, chive

Crispy Confit Wings$12.00

(gf) choice of buffalo, honey mustard, or apple ginger sauce

Popcorn Shrimp$14.00

(gf) choice of buffalo, honey mustard, or apple ginger sauce


Grilled Cheese$10.00

(v, gfo) smoked tomato, aged cheddar, smoked provolone, house-made sourdough ($2 add house-made bacon)

Falafel Pita$12.00

(v, gfo) roasted garlic hummus, romaine, tomato, mint yogurt, housemade pita

Seitan Gyro$13.00

(vg) gyro seasoning, pickled cucumbers, vegan tzatziki, romaine, tomato


(gfo) confit pork belly, bacon jam, romaine, tomato, black garlic aioli, house sourdough

Battered Halibut$13.00

(gfo) remoulade, romaine, tomato, pretzel bun

House Ground Burger$14.00

(gfo) aged cheddar, romaine, tomato, mayo, house pretzel roll ($2 add house bacon)

House Made Veggie Burger$14.00

(vg, gfo) vegan 'cheddar', romaine, tomato, mayo, house pretzel roll


Seitan and Tofu Roulade$19.00

(vg) spicy quinoa, smoked tomato, mushroom fricassee, crispy onion and sprouts, apple jus

Cavatelli with Chicken$20.00

brussles sprouts, mushroom fricassee, tomato, truffled mascarpone liaison, brown butter emulsion

Duo of Pork$25.00

(gf) kurobuta chop, apple glazed pork belly, cheddar grits, roasted sprouts, tomato relish, red eye gravy

Halibut with Shrimp and Scallop$30.00

olive oil crushed potato with roasted sprouts, blistered tomato, olive vinaigrette


(gf) olive oil crushed potatoes, glazed pickled veggies, red eye gravy


Monday-Friday 11am-3pm

(VG) vegan  (V) vegetarian  (GF) gluten free (GFO) gluten free on request

Soups & Salads

Tomato and Pepper Soup$6.00

(vg) (gf) wild rice, mushroom fricassee

Arugula Salad$6.00

(vg) (gf) marinated tomato, green bean, charred corn, crispy onion, potato, apple vinaigrette

Chop Salad$6.00

(gf) romaine, bacon bits, marinated tomato, sunflower seeds, aged cheddar, smoky ranch

Express Sandwiches

Vegan Press$7.00

(vg) (gfo) eggplant, marinated tomato, sunflower seeds, sourdough

Vegan Wrap$7.00

(vg) textured vegetable protein, charred tomatoes and corn, romaine, soy ginger sauce

Grilled Cheese$8.00

(v) (gfo) aged cheddar, smoked provolone, sourdough

Falafel Pita$9.00

(vg) (gfo) romaine, tomato, hummus, mint yogurt

Blackened Halibut Wrap$8.00

tzatziki, romaine, tomato, house pita

Apple Chicken Salad Panini$8.00

(gfo) southwest dressing with bell peppers and pecans, smoked provolone, sourdough

Grilled Chicken Wrap$8.00

lettuce, tomato, bacon jam, smoky ranch, aged cheddar

Shaved Ribeye$10.00

(gfo) caramelized onion and mushroom, fonduta cheese sauce, pretzel bun

Express Plates

Chicken Breast and Veggies$10.00


Seared Halibut and Veggies$12.00